Wednesday, September 28, 2016

geek decorations ^-^

Hey guys, Lo here ^-^

Today I will continue the post from Li about my geek decorations...

Well I am fascinated about the geek world and I love geek decorations, so I buy a lot when I can, of course hahha.
So let´s get into it! Btw it is just a random order... Enjoy :P

5- Pillows
Guys, I love pillows and the pillows of Star Wars and Harry Potter are awesome!
Both of these pillows I got from my friends for my birthday and the purple one I got from the movies (there was a promotion on the cinema and there isn´t any way that you guys can purchase this, sorry).

*The Star Wars pillow it´s from a store called ´´Uva Verde´´
*The Harry Potter pillow it´s from a store called ´´Pop´´ 

4- Light Fixture
 This light fixture I bought from ´´Imaginarium´´
This product brightens my day ;)

3- Portal Gun
Everyone who had already played the game Portal will love this decoration! It´s a miniature of the gun from the game! It´s a little bit expensive but it worth it!You should buy on this site

2- Poster

This is a cool poster that my parents buy from the band:: The Beatles. When we traveled to England we visited the Beatles museum and them we bought this poster. It´s very cool and I really like it! I don´t where you guys can buy it, sorry!

1- Popcorn bowls
This two bowls is from the movies: Star Wars The Force Aakens and Finding Dory, I was very excited to see this movies so I bought the promotion and I kept the popcorn bowls for decoration!

Well guys, this post is finished, I hope you guys enjoyed and got inspired to decorate your room from this two posts...



Monday, September 26, 2016

geek decorations :3

Hey readers!!!! Li here! So for the next 2 weeks we will give some suggestions on geek decorations and DIYS, btw these decorations are actually from our rooms we didn't get them from online pictures! Hope you enjoy ^-^
Let's get to it!

1- These two pillows are awesome S2 I love them sooo much, they complete my bed \o/ One of them is from one of my favorite series of ALL TIME FRIENDSSS!!! And the other one is food themed, ketchup! And ketchup is perfect cause Pikachu (my favorite pokemon) loves ketchup and so do I! I bought them on a Brazilian shop called POP MEGASTORE! I will put the link below:

2- These two mugs are also incredible!!!! One of them is from the anime Naruto, I love this anime so much I think it's my favorite! And on the other one is from How I Met Your Mother another one of my favorite series! Sometimes i can't decide which one to use, cause I love them both so much! I also bought them on POP MEGASTORE, you can check the link above!

3-This inflatable baymax is just really cool! I got it on the cinema, when i went to watch Big Hero 6! On Cinépolis from Iguatemi the shopping mall! You can't buy it though cause it was a promotion that the cinema had a couple years ago ;-;

4- This time turner keychain from Harry Potter is so kawaii ^-^ A friend of mine bought it for me on Disneyland Orlando! It's really pretty, and all those of you who are potterheads will fall in love with it, just like I did! 

5- DreamCatchers Beautiful and they look great as a decoration in your room, and in the miths the dreamcatchers would purify your dreams and your nightmares would get stuck in between the strings. So at night, while you were sleeping, you would only have good dreams.

So guys these were my 5 geek decorations, I can't wait to see what Lo is preparing for you guys !!!
See you guys next week! XOXO- Li ^-^

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Suggestion for series #2

Hey readers!!! What´s up?

Lo here! Yay!

Well today I will continue the post from suggestion for series (I hope u guys like the post from Li, and if u haven´t seen the post u should!).

Let´s start the fun! Enjoy :P

#4 Scream: 

Well this serie is super cool! After a cyber-bully and a murder, the city of Lakewood is starting to getting worried and they were afraid that the past could repeat again.
This serie is based  on the slasher film series of the same name.

#3 Degrassi 

This serie is about a school named Degrassi and many dramas that happen in the plot. At first this serie looks like pretty bad but then it will get better, I promise!

#2 The Flash 

This serie is amazing! The cast is very good (Barry is cute), the plot is a very good story and the clothes are very cute. The history is abot the superhero Flash and the dramas that he faces. 

1# Stranger Things 

 This serie is perfect! I think that the start is a little bit scary but it will get better... This serie is about a girl who is pretty misterious, a missing of a friend Will and a group of weird boys (no more spoilers). I think that everyone should watch this because this serie is differentof everything that u guys ever watched! Serious, watch this!!!!

Well I hope u guys like the post and the tips!

Comment what serie should I see and why!!

Until the next post, love u all S2

-Lo ^-^

Monday, September 12, 2016

Suggestion for series #1

Hey readers! Li here! First of all I'd like to say that I'm really sorry, I was sick and unable to post on the blog :( but now I'm better, and so here is last week's post! So for the next 2 weeks the theme for the posts will be some suggestions for Series that Lo and I really like! I'll try not to give any Spoilers! So without further ado lets get to it!

#4 Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time (OUAT) is about an orphan woman, Emma, who meets her son, who was given away to adoption. The boy, Henry, lives with his addoptive mother, Regina, in a town called Storybrook, Where every inhabitant is under a spell and are characters from classical Disney stories. Want to know more? Go watch! It's available on Netflix and there are new episodes up!

#3 Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars (PLL) is about 5 girls (Alison, Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily) who were best friends and they were mean girls. One night they were in a sleepover when one of the girls disappeared and was murdered. After that the other 4 girls moved away and some years later moved back and they became best friends again. The only problem is they have a whole lot of secrets and someone is threatening them. Want to know more? Go watch! It's also available on Netflix.

#2 How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) is about a Man, Ted, who is telling his children how he met their mother. The story has many adventures with his 4 Friends, Robin, Lily, Marshall and Barney, and his life long mission is to find his true love, which is very difficult because that's just how life is. Want to know their adventures? Go watch! There are all 9 seasons available on Netflix!

#1 Friends

Friends is about 6 friends (Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, Monica, Rachel and Ross) who live in the same city but this serie is very old it was filmed in 1994 so it's another reality. There isn't much technology, and that's what makes it different! The serie is very funny and each character has a different personality and has a different way to make you laugh! There are all 10 seasons available on Netflix, go watch! I highly recommend it!

So those are the series that I recommend, Lo will give you more 4 recommendations. We hope that you like them and that you watch them! XOXO- Li ^-^