Monday, November 28, 2016

To catch them is my real test

Hey readers!!!
Whalecome, Lo´s here!!!

Did you guys like the last week´s post? Well as you know I am going to post about the 5 pokémon that I would catch and the starter that i would get in the beginning of my journey, so let´s start!

The starter pokémon that I would choose is Squirtle, I love water pokémons and I think that Squirtle is soo funny lol

The first that I would catch is Oddish, oh my god, I love him soo much, and I think that he is reallyyyy kawaii (cute in japanease)

The second is Wigglytuff :)

The third is mew (funny fact that Li´s cat name is Mew in tribute of mew,the pokémon, cool right?)

The fourth is Horsea (I told you that I liked water pokémons hahahaha)

And finally the last one is Gengar

Well guys, I had a good time posting for you, I will come back next week hahaha.

XOXO- Lo :3

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Gotta catch 'em all?

Hey!!!! My Peeps, Li here ^-^ I hope you guys are having a terrific day, if not I've got something to cheer you up!

That gif cheered me up,I hope it does the same for you too! So today the post's theme will be Pokémon, I love Pokémon! it's been one of my favorite shows all my life and now we have the incredible game! But if Pokémon really existed which of them would you choose as your starter? Which would you want to catch?
WOULD YOU WANT TO CATCH 'EM ALL? (reference lol)

There are 3 starter Pokémon you can pick from




Which would you choose? Let me know in the comments! The three of them are so adorable S2
But I would have to go with Charmander!

But which Pokémon would you want to catch with only your pokéballs and your skills? I'm going to write down bellow 5 of the pokémons I would want to catch!

1- Cubone (more like CUTEbone) Sorry for the bad puns :(

2- Espeon

3- Growlithe

4- Gyarados

5- Vulpix

Hope you liked it! Don't forget to comment your 6 Pokémons and to check Lo's post next week! See you next time!


Saturday, November 19, 2016

I S2 games #2

Hey babes!

Welcome to on more post of this blog, and today Lo is here!!!

Well... Last week Li did a post about Dota and today I will post about Undertale!! Does anybody play? Please let me know!!!

Well let's start with the story!!! Enjoy

(Resumed Story) After a war with humans and monsters, the humans won and the monsters were sent to the Underground.
One day a human, or you basically, (you give her name when the game starts), fell into an abism and she was rescued by Toriel, the guardian of the Underground, Toriel gave everything that the human needed, but the human wanted to get out of the Underground and return to the real world.

Well this is a RPG game and a role-playing game, only one person can play this game and the character that you control is her:

The developer of this awesome game is a genius called Toby Fox!

Lots of the soundtracks of games are strange or I don't know, but in this game the soundtrack is amazing, it helps to keep playing and to have determination (some of you will understand why I put this word and some of you will just continue to read this post) to play.

I'm going to put 5 of my favorites down bellow for you guys!
Papyrus Battle S2
Sans :D
Waterfall :o
Undyne :3
Napstablook ^-^

The characters from the game are the best! Each one with their own personality and that makes you love them more than anything, you will want them to be real just for you to hug them (like I do).
undertale animated GIF

Well I hope that you all liked this post and play Undertale, because this game deserves the best players!

Love you all and I missed posting

Lo ^-^

Sunday, November 13, 2016

I S2 games

Hey Readers!!!

It's Li*-* I would like to start this post by saying that I am feeling so bad for not posting these last few weeks ;-; I've been really stressed out with all these finals that I have coming up and next year I'm going to high school and I'm really sad about  leaving my school (I've studied there since 3rd grade). These days have been in one word CRAZY!!! And a really stress reliever is writing for you guys, so we're officially back!

Sorry ;-;

Well enough about Me, I'm going to talk about this game I've been totally obsessed with! I play all the time with my brothers, and I find it really fun. I could spend hours and hours in front of my computer screen just playing, even though I suck at it I still play! It's an online game, you can play with people all around the world or AI (artificial intelligence, AKA bots)

Dota 2

In the game you can play a match (that's the most common game in Dota and also the one I play the most) and there are many other games (for exemple: tower defense). I'm only going to explain the basics of the matches, because if I explain everything you would be able to consider this a manual about dota and not a post lol.

In the match there will be two teams the Radiant and the Dire, each team will have 5 players, both teams occupying their own separate base on the map. In your base you can buy items with the gold you collect by killing the creeps, the players from the opposite team and the bots in the jungle area. There are three lanes: top lane, middle lane and bottom lane, Depending on which side of the map you are the bottom lane or the top lane will be easier. Each of the ten players independently control a hero that has unique abilities, you activate them by using the "Q", "W", "E" and "R" keys, you get a new ability or an upgrade of an ability every time you level up. The ability activated by the "R" key is only available for you to get on level 6, this ability is known as the "ultimate". There is a maximum of levels, there are only 25, after you've reached that level you can no longer level up. You get stronger, gain experience points and learn new abilities as you level up. The objective of your team is to push through the opposing team's defense and destroy the Ancient (a kind of a tower near the other team's base)






This is the link to the YouTube channel of a really good dota player: 
if you want to watch a professional play here you go!

Well guys this is it for this week's post (sad ><). I don't know if I explained how the game works right and if you'll be able to understand what I was trying to say... I really that inspired you to play the game, because I have a lot of fun ^-^ Lo will post next week with the same theme, hope you enjoy her post to! Check the blog to see her post, it's going to be good for sure! See you next time.