Sunday, January 22, 2017

Series to watch

Hey geekers!

How are you today??? Not okay? Let me help then!

This red panda playing will cheer your day :3

Well, I am going to post about four series that I think you should watch (Li did the same in here)

Let´s go, shall we?

1- A Series of Unfortunate Events

This serie is about 3 kids that are orphans and (during the serie) are adopted by an unknown uncle (no more spoilers). This serie is based on a serial of book named A Series of Unfortunate Events by Daniel Handler.

2- Downton Abbey

This drama serie is about a rich family and theirs employees, is a British serie and It´s very nice! I love the costumes and the cast!

3- Dirk Gently´s

This is one of my favorites series! This is a comedy serie and talks about Todd (the normal guy) and that everything in his life changes when he meets Dirk (a detective)... Everything is connected!

4- Brooklyn 99

This is a comedy and a detective serie, It´s about a police agency in New York and how the policials works in case of a crime and stuff! It´s very funny!

I hope that you can watch this series and comment if you like or not!!
Penguim kisses!!!


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