Sunday, December 11, 2016

Q&A Harry Potter edition

Hey geekers!

I hope you guys are all well! I am fine thanks, just enjoying my vacations and having a great time posting for you guys and playing videogames ( I just ´´finished´´ Undertale haha).

Well today I will put a song here, this way you guys can hear it while you are reading this! Cool :)

So, let´s get started! Took me a while to write the questions, but I loved doing it!

1- What is your favorite teacher?

My favorite teacher is Minerva Mcgonagal.

2- What is your Expectro Patronus?

My Patronus is porcupine :D

3- What´s your house from Hogwarts?
Ravenclaw S2

4- If you could have one of the deathly hallows, which would you choose?
I would choose to have the cloak of invisibility.

5- What would be your profession if you were at the magical universe?
I would be a teacher from Hogwarts or do what Newt does on the movie Fantastic Beasts.

6- Favorite food or drink?
 My favorite food is Harry´s birthday cake and my favorite drink is butterbear.

7- Favorite spell? 
My favorite spell is Expecto Patronum and Rictusempra.

8- If you had an opportunity to be a friend of a character, which one would you be friends with?
I would be friend with Ron and Luna.

9- If you could talk to J.K. Rowling, what question would you ask her?  
I would ask her what was her inspiration to build such a fantastic universe.

10- What character do you rellate to the most?
I think I relate the most to Ginny, because she is a little bit shy and stuff...

11- What´s your favorite part about reading the books?
Well, When you read a book, you can imagine all of the story in your head, you can read it anytime you want and the books have more details than the movies.

12- What´s your favorite part about watching the movies?
My favorite part is that you can see the relationship of the characters.
13- What magical skill would you like to have?

I would like to be an animagus.

14- What´s your favorite creature?
My favorite criature is a hippogriff.

15- What pet would you take, if you went to Hogwarts? Cat, owl, rat or toad?
I would take an owl (I am in love with them, I think they are sooo cute lol).

16- What´s you favorite book?
I haven't read the whole serie of books (now I'm reading the goblet of fire),but so far I like the chamber of secrets the most.

 17- What is your favorite place in Hogwarts?
 It´s the quidditch field.

18- What is your favorite cover of the books?

So far It´s the Harry Potter and the prisioner of Askaban

19- What´s your favorites subjects?

Care of magical creatures

 20- And finally, what´s your favorite quote?

´´The ones that love us never really leave us´´
-Sirius Black

 Well guys, this is the end!
I hope you all enjoy it, and please, try to answer some of them in the comments bellow!

XOXO and see you next week
 Lo ^-^

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